by nicholasmalara

I am proud to announce that Inspector Von Ghoul is internet bonified! You can now tune in to Von Ghoul's adventures at  Of course, all of the regular URL's you are currently used to accessing IVG through still exist if you perfer to use those. To anyone who experienced any difficulty while the new domain was emplimented, I send my sincerest apologies. Thanks for hanging in there!

A Little Break

by nicholasmalara

Just wanted to let my faithful readers know that I'll be taking a short break as I am between issues at the moment. I'm planning on starting up the next issue in early October. Thanks for viewing!

Sorry about the delay!

by nicholasmalara

Sorry to my viewers for my delay in updating the comic! I've been working on a submission and some freelance so I've got a little side-tracked! The next page will be live on 9-2-2013. Thank you all for your patience!

Inspector Von-Ghoul Has Launched!

by nicholasmalara

I'm very excited to finally launch IVG as a web comic! I hope everyone will enjoy it as much as I do. I think it's important to like your own comic enough to want to "geek-out" about it. If I do my job right, maybe someday you all will want to join me! Thanks for viewing!

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